Thanksgiving means good food, good wine and good football!  Traditional turkey dinner is a hard meal to pair wine with!  The flavors at the table are so varied, it is virtually impossible to find one wine to go with all the cranberries, turkey, salads, etc.  But a really cool and out of the box wine would be Sparkling wine or champagne!  It is something we rarely think about—but it is a really good match with turkey dinner and all the fixings!  Try an Extra Dry or semi dry—it has off dry, toasted oak flavor that will surprise you and the effervescence will make your taste buds tingle with anticipation!  Try Cristalino or Chandon Extra Dry for a medium priced sparkling wine! 

The traditional wines with thanksgiving is Riesling or Gewürztraminer, You need a softer slightly sweet wine to complement the white meat without overpowering it. My favorite is Noble House Riesling from Germany or Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling from Washington!  If you really want to have a cool turkey wine and surprise your guests—try a Vouvray from France or a Chenin Blanc form South Africa!  Be a little cutting edge—you will be amazed! 

But sometimes you need a red wine no matter what!  Try Pinot Noir or Beaujolais from France.  Both are a little lighter and won’t overpower the turkey meal.  The light black cherry or fruit flavors will complement everything pretty well! 

Who can forget about dessert!  Of Course Bailey’s is the original Irish Crème—still the smoothest and creamiest out there!  But if you want to step it up and explore your wild side—try RumChata.  A little fruitier than Baileys but almost as rich and creamy!  It is a cinnamon roll in a bottle.  Cool White Package and if you add it to your French Toast in the morning you will go crazy! 

But Beer for the football game is still important—go with all American beers!  Bud Light is the official beer of the NFL—it is the number one seller nationally!  Easy and smooth.  Or try the most awarded beer in USA history—Sam Adams!  Always a favorite.  But for a local connection and a beer that will make you feel good—try Finnegan’s Irish Ale.  Brewed in St Paul, it is an amber red beer that has flavor-but is not too overpowering!  Best of all—100% of the profits go to Charity.  This year every 12pk they sell—means they give 6 meals to the Salvation Army!  Drink good and do good!  It is truly what Thanksgiving is about! 

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