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As the Progressive Wine Sale continues, the discounts are getting even better! This is the perfect chance to try some wines you haven’t had before, or you had your eye on and didn’t feel the time is right. Well with the discounts approaching 30% on any bottle of wine in the store, the time is right now!

If you’re a red wine lover and have never tried a wine from Spain, you better march to the store and pick some up! You are seriously missing out on delicious wine! Spain is blessed with near perfect terroir for red wines. To keep things simple, we will discuss two general regions, but keep in mind that Spain has a long tradition and makes a lot of wine. It is definitely worth exploring the regions more deeply.

In the north, the dry and mountainous terrain offer the ideal combination of long, sunny days coupled with cool nights. This produces intense, fully ripe grapes that have a chance to “rest” during the nights. This rest allows the grapes to build up and retain some acidity. The prevents the ripe grapes from becoming too jammy and raisiny. The acidity offers just enough mouthwatering tartness to enliven the wine and make it a beautiful accompaniment to a variety of foods. Two regions that you must try if you want to experience the brilliance of northern Spanish wines is Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Both areas offer a plethora of great producers making wines at a variety of price points.

Travel further south in Spain you will start experiencing delicious red wines that are usually blended and start to resemble Shiraz and Shiraz Blends. In fact, this area is flooded with many aspiring and established Australian winemakers who want to learn the trade or learn the tools of the trade that the long history of Spanish winemakers has. The wines are a bit lighter and less tannic than the wines from the north. The land isn’t quite as harsh as the northern mountainous regions, but the Mediterranean climate in the south offers plenty of sunshine and cool breezes coming from the sea. In the north, regions such as Rioja are steeped in tradition and have many more rules in place. The southern regions tend to have much more freedom to take advantage of the blessed terroir that Spain provides. This area is where you see much more experimentation and a “new world attitude” to the wines. Wines from southern Spain are often cited as among the best value wines in the world. It is hard to find bad ones. For a real treat, look for Priorats. In my opinion, this region shows off the best of southern Spain.

Don’t be afraid to try the wines of Spain. They are regarded as among the finest wines in the world, especially if you are looking for values! With the Apollo Progressive Wine Sale going on right now, there is no better time to explore!

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