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Apollo Is Here To Help This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for many men can be a very stressful time of the year! The unrealistic world painted by Hallmark movies and romcoms puts pressure on men to deliver the big gift for Valentines Day. Jewelry is best—but in a pinch a great bottle of wine, liquor or beer can melt the most romantic of hearts.

Champagne is a natural treat for the big day. Whether sweet, dry, rich or light a good bottle of bubbly will bring a smile to everyone’s face! Champagne and strawberry’s is a great match. Every woman remembers when Richard Gere used the pairing to start his courtship of Julia Roberts in the classic film Pretty Woman. The sweetness of the berry and crisp oakiness of champagne is classic!

If you are planning a special meal we all know the perfect wine will only enhance the flavors of the food. If you are doing a steak dinner, Pinot Noir is perfect. Pinot Noir is delicate enough to please the soft taste buds of your lover, while still strong enough to balance the robust flavors of any hunk of meat you can create.

Another classic meal is lobster. The rich flavors of lobster will go perfectly with a buttery chardonnay. The chilled elegance of the most popular white grape in the world will open the lobster flavor and create a sensation of creaminess and liveliness.

Since Valentines Day is Tuesday and we are all busy, sometimes an easy pizza and a little snuggling in front to of the TV is always ok. If wine is your thing, try Zinfandel, a peppery rich red wine that is America’s indigenous grape. But for classic pizza pairings a good beer is best! Go with lighter crisper lagers that will cut the acidity of the pizza sauce and refresh the taste buds! Whatever you do, have a little something to enhance the mood and enjoy the most romantic times of the year!

Champagne choices
Chandon Cuvee M from California is classic American bubbly. The perfect mix of dry and sweet it has flavors of peach, citrus and a bouquet of typical champagne breadiness. The price is perfect—about $20 so you don’t break the bank. Even better any leftover champagne can be the perfect morning mimosa that you may be lucky enough to share with your loved one!

Pinot Noir:
Humberto Canale is a super surprising Pinot Noir from the southern hemisphere. It is one of the furthest south vineyards in the world. Antarctic air cools the grapes and gives it the perfect delicate flavors. There is virtually no Pinot Noir grown in Argentina, but Canale has found the perfect little vineyard to create amazing delicate wines. This pinot noir is bursting with black cherry and berry flavors. It has a great finish that always leaves you wanting more. At $13 a bottle it is the best value around. Save your money for the jewelry or roses!!!


Butter Chardonnay has become a national sensation. The Label says it all. It is rich buttery and clean chardonnay. But if you want a cool alternative from a small little California producer, try Caricature Chardonnay. Caricature is vibrant and easy to drink. Using all Lodi grapes Caricature chard exhibits the perfect character and exquisite flavors that you expect from good chardonnay. It has 6 months in the French barrel to give it complexity and silkiness. An awesome new wine that won’t break the bank for about $15.

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