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Gin has been a favorite British drink for centuries.  From it’s emergence in Holland in the mid 17th century to current times Gin has played a role in many historical events.  From its soothing effects on British soldiers before battle in the Eighty Years war against Spain in 1585, to the “Gin Craze” when there were over 7000 gin joints in London and England, to Winston Churchill enjoying a gin martini, Gin has been a part of the worlds history. Gin In America is enjoying a renaissance!  On these hot summer days, a gin and tonic is the perfect drink to slake your thirst.   The long tall glass filled with ice and a shot of gin, filled with delicious sparkling...

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Greek Wine

The fiftieth annual Greek Festival is coming up next weekend.  August 23-25th!  With that amazing display of Greek culture, culinary delicacies, and outstanding homemade Greek desserts, it is a good time to talk about the rich Hellenic history of wines, liquors, and beers. Greece has been making wines for centuries.  The History of Greece is rich in stories and plays glorifying the pleasures of wine.  The ancient Greeks even had their own God of Wine—Dionysius.  He would often come down from MT Olympus to share in the revelry of fine wine and food with the humans of Ancient Greece. Greece in modern times is quickly becoming well known for the beautiful wines being grown through the rocky mountain sides of...

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Cooking with Food

The greatest chefs in the world know that wine, liquor and beer add the flavors and zest that make good recipes great!  While I am far from a chef and can barely boil water, I have had the chance to try some outstanding meals and dishes made in all different ways! One of the favorites is Beer Can Chicken!  I do not know who invented the idea—but brilliance is sometimes anonymous!  The basic idea of beer can chicken is to slowly roast a whole chicken on your grill in a vertical manner.  You take the giblets out of your chicken and you put an open beer can inside the rear of the chicken.  You then use the two legs as...

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