Minnesota Beers

The new mantra we keep hearing about is eat local or support your local merchants!  For the longest time Minnesotan’s were limited in what local beers they could drink.  But finally we long suffering Minnesota beer drinkers have some local choices!  Five years ago I was jealous of Wisconsin and their reputation as the beer capital of the Midwest and their numerous craft breweries.  Brands like Leinenkugels, New Glarus, Sprecher, Capital and more were invading Minnesota bars and liquor stores.  All are good tasting beers made with a local touch.  But as a life long Minnesota resident I watched as our local breweries struggled to maintain our state pride.  Minnesota stalwarts like Schell’s and Summit stood alone—but fought valiantly everyday...

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Irish Whiskey

Uisce Bethea—The water of Life!  This is an ancient Gaelic term coined by monks who moved into Ireland in the 7th century. These brilliant clergymen discovered one of Irelands greatest gifts to the world—Whiskey!  Virtually every country has a national drink, but Ireland has two!  Beer and Whiskey—the water of life! After the monks started making whiskey for a few hundred years, the English discovered its amazing flavors. Queen Elizabeth I even started shipping in barrels for her and her courts enjoyment.  However what happens when something gets really popular? Taxes! The English started taxing the same whiskey that Queen Liz loved! The Irish being enterprising and a having a small independent streak created Potcheen—the first Moonshine! Bunratty Potcheen is the first Irish moonshine...

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