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German Riesling – Often Overlooked & Misunderstood

When German wine is mentioned one of two things run through one’s mind.  One is extraordinarily delicate, complex, floral wines or one thinks of cheap, sweet mass-market sugary wines such as Leibfraumilch.  Among German wine lovers, German wines primarily mean unbelievably good Riesling that are fruity, complex elegant  wines that can range from very dry to unctuously  sweet wines yet all braced with an acidity unmatched.  Most of Germany’s vineyards are in western Germany near the Rhine river or one of its many tributaries.  Most of the quality vineyards are on steep valleys that are unable to be machine harvested.  This provides a selection of grapes that are of higher quality.  The history of German wines go back to Roman...

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Greystone Winery – The Perfect Wine/Food Pairing

Who doesn’t want a quality, well balanced wine to pair with a wonderful meal served up by a great chef?  This wouldn’t be possible without two things, 1) A talented winemaker making quality wines and 2) a competent well trained chef.   There is a winery out there that is doing its best to make sure we have those two components for years to come. Greystone refers to the Culinary Institute of America located in Napa Valley.  The institute is now housed in a magnificent building in the heart of Napa Valley that was built as Greystone Winery in 1889.  This building also housed Christian Brothers winery from 1950-1990 after which the CIA bought the building.  Now a famous neighbor has...

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